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This website been created and is offered in the spirit of Creative Commons, with the exception of a very few original content items for which we reserve copyright. Items that are subject to copyright restrictions are noted where used.

Our original interview with astronaut Story Musgrave is copyrighted and cannot be used, copied or reproduced without our express written authorization.

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The majority of the research from which our written content was created, as well as the images and videos used, come from the Public Domain, Creative Commons, and Wikipedia Commons sources. A small number of items are copyrighted and have been reproduced with permission. These copyrighted items may not be used, copied or reproduced.

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Creative Commons has been described as being at the forefront of the copyleft movement, which seeks to support the building of a richer public domain by providing an alternative to the automatic "all rights reserved" copyright, dubbed "some rights reserved."

Wikipedia Commons

Wikipedia Commons (or simply Commons) is an online repository of free-use images, sound and other media files.

Public Domain

"The state of belonging or being available to the public as a whole."

NASA Copyright Policies

NASA content is specified Public Domain unless noted otherwise, Click Here to view the NASA copyright policies.
But the use of the NASA insignia logo , or any previous logos and the seal is STRICTLY prohibited.

"This general permission does not extend to use of the NASA insignia logo (the blue "meatball" insignia), the retired NASA logotype (the red "worm" logo) and the NASA seal. These images may not be used by persons who are not NASA employees or on products (including Web pages) that are not NASA-sponsored." - Quoted directly from NASA.

Releases for Copyrighted Images and Videos

Flight of Faith 7

Copyright release email

Permission to include this copyrighted video on our website was granted by A/V Geeks.

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Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon Copyright release email

Permission to include this copyrighted image on our website was granted by the artist, John Darko.

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TSA Design Brief

Political Cartoon Copyright release email

Permission to include this document granted by, Ricky Broussard.

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Story Musgrave Video Release

Story Musgrave Interview Release Form

Permission to record and include our video interview with NASA astronaut, Story Musgrave.

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