Design Process

Identify the Problem

The problem posed is to create a website that highlights the history of the US space program and provide a visual timeline of all the major events. Information must also be included about the evolution of space vehicles, manned and also unmanned including near-Earth programs. We are to address the economic, political, and social effects of the space program, how the space program has affected our culture and changed our society. We also needed to give a flavor of NASA's plan to continue the space program with the benefit of the space shuttle platform. Information should also be included regarding NASA’s plans for deep-space exploration.

In short we are to create a comprehensive website that is easy to use and gives enough of a flavor of the space program so that a research project could be completed.

The Design Brief

design 3 of the website

The brief for our website was to document the complete history on the space program and its economic, social, political, and cultural effect, as well as near earth programs, and manned/ unmanned Space vehicles.

Below is an image of a mind map we made of our website,

mind map

Investigation and Research

We spent countless hours on investigating the US space program and NASA. We not only found content but discovered many copyright issues. The whole team put their best effort into researching to ensure quality in the content for our winning website.

To view our content sources Click Here.
Click Here to go to our home page to read out informative content.
Click Here to see us researching at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
NOTE:We found that NASA strictly does not allow the use of the NASA logo or previous versions of their logo.
Click here to see our copyright information.

Identify Possible Solutions

Throughout the last school year we stayed with one concept for our solution but we also improved on our design as the year moved on.

Design 1,

In this design of our solution we put together the logo and begun the menu bar.

design 3 of the website

Design 2,

In design 2 we started getting our concept together and putting all of the pages together.

design 3 of the website

Design 3,

Design 3 was our final design for state and we thought that it was superior but realized that it needed improvements. The website was re-worked and prepared to compete on the national level.

design 3 of the website

Design 4,

This is our design of choice. It fulfills all of the requirements of the design brief.

design 3 of the website

Choose Best Solution

We chose design 4 because we felt that it had everything the brief has asked for and more. We liked the concept and navigation of our final design. Click Here to go to our home page to view our solution.

Develop Solution

Developing the solution was definitely a big challenge. It meant developing our skills in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JS (java script) if we wanted a fully useable website. The reason we chose to code ours instead of using a generator was because we felt that in order to have something better than others it has to be unique and we believe that we have got something different to others.

design 3 of the website
design 3 of the website
design 3 of the website
design 3 of the website

Identifying Problems

A few examples:

Problem Date Found Solution Date Fixed
Timeline not visual enough 28th Febuary 2012 We completely redesigned our timeline so that it was animated and visual with pictures and videos. 1 May 2012
Timeline Plugin's (jquery) wasn't displaying all pictures 23rd March 2012 The filenames on our pictures were invalid so we had to rename them all for our code to work. 1 April 2012
Resources not part of main menu 10th April 2012 We feel that at the state competition we scored badly for not having resources as a main part of the menu. We added a complete new section to the menu. 1 May 2012
Too much text not enough images May 2nd 2012 We also think that we scored badly for not having enough pictures. So one of the things we did was to add more pictures to our website to make it more colorful and visual. 6 May 2012
Our quiz didn't work in Safari 4th May 2012 Because our quiz wasn't working in Safari we decided to double check everything and make sure that the website is compatable in all browsers. 14 May 2012

Evaluate Report Findings

Click Here to view the rubric and our opinion of how we did.

Bibliography Rubric

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